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Tenuta Casa Cima

Casa Graa, Superior

max. 4 persons

Casa Bellavista, Deluxe

max. 6 persons

House Rules & Infos 
Tenuta Casa Cima Guesthouse

For the safety of our guests and the properties, our area is under 24-hour video surveillance and equipped with an alarm system. As Tenuta Casa Cima is a private property, only the guests and the owners have access to the area and the cable car. The public footpath that runs through our land is accessible to all.

Kind regards, Tenuta Casa Cima

Private Property Tenuta Casa Cima

Bed linen

1 week stay, no change
2 weeks stay, beds are made fresh on Saturday

Coffe Maschine 

In the houses there is a coffee machine (Nespresso compatible), e.g. Cafe Royal from Migros.

Food in the Kitchen

We do not provide food items like: Oil, vinegar and spices, these have to be bought by the guests themselves.

Free Wifi

You will receive the Wifi code at check-in. From time to time the signal is weak, we are working on improving the network. Thank you for your understanding. You have 3-5G connection.


Firewood for the fireplace or also for the barbecue can be found behind Casa Graa when you go up the hiking trail. The wood is stacked on the right side. Please help yourself.

Guest Card

Discounts and benefits in and around Bellinzona. When you check in, you will receive a guest card, valid for the whole family or your friends. See our Tourist Guide

Laundry Service

We do not offer a laundry service. For guests who stay with us for 14 days or longer, we offer a self-service. We open the laundry room every Wednesday evening and on Saturdays during the day. Per laundry day we charge CHF 20.- This includes: Water, electricity, detergent and infrastructure.

Parking spaces

There is a car park right next to the cable car, one behind the cable car hut and one under the pergola.We also have parking spaces available above the vineyards. From there you can reach our property on foot in about 5 minutes. Read here


The pool is filled with fresh stream water, it must be shared with all guests. You will receive bath towels on request, also for the stream.

Deck chairs by the pool. We ask our guests not to take the white deck chairs by the pool to the creek. Thank you very much.


There are snakes here in Ticino. Be careful!! Never walk barefoot through nature or walk with your hands in bushes or meadows. You may well come across a snake. There are poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

What snakes are there in Ticino?

Aesculapian snake
Vipera aspis
Grass snake
Smooth snake
Dice snake
Whip snake

All about snakes in Ticino and how to protect yourself. Read

Stream & waterfall

Here you can refresh yourself in the fresh stream water and walk all the way back to the waterfall. The stream is public and belongs to the municipality. The brook flows through our land. Unfortunately, much of nature was destroyed by the storm and floods in 2020, as well as all the water basins filled up with debris. The municipality of Gudo decided not to restore it. There has never been such a disaster before. We hope that we will be able to restore a large part of the natural basins by our own efforts, but this will take time. Thank you for your understanding.

Wooden fence to the cable car

Dear guests. When you leave the property, please close the large wooden garden fence to the cable car, the property is private, strangers have no access. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cable car (Important info)

Read More

The cable car is private and is only available to the Foundation, Tenuta Casa Cima and guests. (Note on operation). You will receive a key for the cable car per house. Our staff will explain to you how to use the cable car. Turn the cable car key to the right – only as far as it will go! Do not turn it all the way, otherwise the lock will break. Only when the motor has started, press the green GO button, you will hear a beep, then get on the cable car. Please!! do not press any other button, especially not the red stop button, this is only for emergencies. (Please follow these rules at the bottom station and at the end station. The cable car door must always be closed when leaving the gondola.

“Never let children ride the cable car alone, there must always be someone present who knows how the cable car works, some mistakes have happened in the past, this is always associated with costs. Thank you for your understanding.”


Check-in possible from 2 pm until 5 pm. Ring the doorbell or call us when you arrive, the number is given at the gate to the cable car. Our staff will pick you up at the valley station. Check-out: 10 a.m.

Crockery/kitchen equipment

A complete set of kitchen equipment is at your disposal, including crockery, tea towels, etc. We would like to ask you to take care of this.


The barbecue is in the hallway between the two houses. Please leave the grill grate cleaned after use, thank you. If both houses would like to barbecue, we have a spare barbecue available.

Charcoal: This must be provided by the tenants.

Hand and bath towels

Mid-week, either Wednesday or Thursday our staff comes by to see if you need new hand & bath towels.

Intermediate cleaning

from 2 weeks stay, must be indicated when booking. Intermediate cleaning takes place on Saturday.


Pets are allowed with us. For dogs. Please be careful not to scratch or tear the furniture. It has happened a few times. Especially in Casa Bellavista we have a lot of antique furniture which belongs to the foundation. It is very important to us that nothing gets broken. In case something would happen, please inform us. Thank you very much.


We also have scorpions in Ticino. Caution!! Never walk barefoot through nature or walk with your hands in bushes or meadows.

There are about 1,500 different scorpions worldwide. Three of them can also be found in Switzerland. Find out here where they live and how poisonous our local scorpions are.

Are scorpions poisonous in Switzerland?

All scorpions carry a poison that serves to stun their victims. Of the known scorpion species, only about two dozen are said to be poisonous enough to be dangerous to humans. Fortunately, scorpions in Switzerland are not among them. The venom is said to be as painful as a bee or wasp sting. However, it can be dangerous for allergy sufferers.

Everything about scorpions in Ticino and how to protect yourself. Read

Toilet paper

We will provide you with sufficient toilet paper, and our staff will replenish it on Wednesdays.


We dispose of the waste in the middle of the week.

In Ticino, waste must be separated. Plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium, glass and pet bottles. We put a big bag in your house, where you can put the materials mixed together. Our staff will come to your house to collect the waste.

Garden waste
Please put only garden waste in the green bucket in front of the house. No cooked food.

House rubbish
Do not put the black waste bag in front of the door until it is full.

Any Questions?

We are at your service