Cable Car Important Infos


If the cable car were ever out of service, Tenuta Casa Cima can be reached via a municipal road that leads up to our property. Drive to: Via Costa Piatta, 6515 Gudo (to the ende of the road, see directions) below. There is one parking space per holiday home. From there it is a walk of about 8 minutes along our vineyards.

Please call us about half an hour before your arrival at 091 235 26 61 so that we can inform you about the current operating status of the cable car and, if necessary, help you with finding your way and with your luggage.

To ensure that subsequent guests can also use the cable car’s transport assistance, we are very grateful if the operating instructions are followed.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to you enjoying the wonderful nature in our car-free Tenuta to the full.

Cable car instructions

To guarantee a smooth cable car ride, please read the following instrutction, thank you.

The cable car is private and is only available to the Foundation, Tenuta Casa Cima and guests. (Note on operation). Info for our guests. You will receive a key for the cable car per house. Our staff will explain to you how to use the cable car. Turn the cable car key to the right – only as far as it will go! Do not turn it all the way, otherwise the lock will break. Only when the motor has started, press the green GO button, you will hear a beep, then the last person enters the cable car. Please!! do not press any other button, especially not the red stop button, this is only for emergencies. (Please follow these rules at the bottom station and at the end station. See image instruction

“Never let children ride the cable car alone, there must always be someone present who knows how the cable car works, some mistakes have happened in the past, this is always associated with costs. Thank you for your understanding.”


  • Misuse of this red emergency button costs money.
    While the cable car is moving, the emergency button must not be pressed by anyone outside.
  • If the red emergency button is pressed, the cable car blocks immediately. If no one from the house is available, the person in the cable car must wait until someone arrives to release the cable car. Also, if the key for starting the cable car is misused, it can happen that the cable car blocks completely and we have to call the technician, which takes several hours and costs money. We have to charge these costs to the guest.
When the cable car is out of service, please drive to the
following parking possibility.

From there, walk up for about 8 minutes until you reach the houses.

Route from Via Cantonale to Via Costa Piatta, 6515 Gudo via A Malacarne and Al Caneggio. 5 min (1,5 km)

  1. Coming from the main road (Via Cantonale), straight ahead you will see the Albergo Ristorante Antita
  2. now start left on In Cimalloco southwest towards A Malacarne
  3. continue on A Malacarne
  4. A Malacarne turns slightly right and becomes Al Caneggio
  5. Continue on Via Costa Piatta until the end of the road
  6. Arrive at the location: Via Costa Piatta

CheckIn: Park your car there. There are 2 parking spaces and a turning area. You will be picked up by our staff.