azienda Mondò

azienda Mondò is one of our tenants who leases our vineyards.

The Mondò vineyard today

High above the hills of Sementina between Bellinzona and Locarno, Giorgio Rossi, together with his brother Andrea, cultivates about 7 hectares of vines on 30 plots. The various grape varieties such as Merlot, the autochthonous vine Bondola and other varieties are refined into first-class Ticino quality wines and enjoy a whole series of awards and a loyal clientele.

Giorgio Rossi’s Mondò winery is a family business with its own vineyards and vines, which has grown steadily over the years through the cultivation of traditions and a passion for the vines and wine. Special attention is paid to careful cultivation in order to conserve resources and protect nature. The love for nature and a cultivation adapted to the challenging terrain and the plants are the best prerequisites for grapes that are vinified into wines of the highest quality.

of our winery

Even before the great age of Merlot in Ticino, Ticino farmers cultivated vines on the higher slopes. At that time, the grapes were still autochthonous varieties, i.e. they came from Ticino, such as the increasingly rare Bondola variety, which is still grown today at the Azienda (German for “winery”) Mondò.

Mario and Nunzia Rossi also grew vines on their small farm high above Sementina, albeit more for their own use. After the grape harvest, the vines were given to the Giubiasco cooperative for pressing. Mario and Nunzia’s three children, Ida, Andrea and Giorgio, left after their education and followed their own professional careers. The youngest son, Giorgio, studied civil engineering and worked in industry after graduating. Read more

Wine List

white wine 

Iris, white wine

Crudèll, white wine

Dolce, sweet wine

Rosato di Bondola

Russdalpunt, red wine

Scintilla,  red wine

Ronco dei Ciliegi – Riserva
red wine

Questo, red wine

Mondo, red wine

TI4, red wine

Ronco dei Ciliegi – Riserva

In terms of quality, the Ronco dei Ciliegi is the master of our house. It is the result of real back-breaking work on grandfather’s ronco, the steep, terraced slope – a vast plot of land, typical of Sementina – which is marked by holiday memories from childhood on the Pian de la Scéresa; today our children still romp around on it. The blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is our wine in every sense, from the Ronco to the Scerésa (the cherry grove), between work and pleasure, just as it combines both in its name.

denomination : Ticino Doc

vintage / format : 2018 / 150cl

grape varieties : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (9%)

Dark purple colour. Intense bouquet with aromas of ripe fruit and some floral notes, enriched by light aromas that give it further complexity (spices, coffee, roasted). On the palate it is a full-bodied, dense wine, concentrated with red berries and light toasted notes. Ronco dei ciliegi has established itself as a wine with ageing potential while remaining accessible for medium-term consumption.

Drinking : +3 to +11 years since vintage

With the main course, meat and hunting dishes

azienda Mondò, Sementina
azienda Mondò, Sementina

Free delivery from 12 bottles

Ronco dei Ciliegi, azienda Mondò